Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Direction

I have a confession to make: I haven't been taking my own advice.

This poor blog has been neglected ever since I created it because I've been writing on topics that I think I should be writing on--not the stuff that really interests me.

In my mind, the ONLY thing that I have published in the past year that I am actually proud of can be found here. In my writing, I've settled for being average, when I preach as an artist to always work to create something special.

It's time to change direction and follow my own path. I've been trying to play the role of a social media marketing expert and that's just not really me.

I mean, I AM a social media marketing expert. I've been wired into the 'net, building online communities and doing social media campaigns for major brands for almost 15 years now and have a long list of really cool accomplishments and events that I've been a part of or was witness to. I've got good stories to tell about this business, and I've earned my street cred, so yeah, I think it's fair to call me a social media marketing expert.

But I'm so much MORE than that, and I've been consumed with all things computer/hi tech since I moved to California in 1999. I have many more facets that I haven't shown and since there are already hundreds of other people already falling all over themselves trying to establish a personal brand and get recognized as an industry expert, I will gladly leave the field to them.

I will still write on social media topics on the LiveWorld blog from time to time. I mean, it comes with my job. If you're interested in all things about social media marketing, then please follow us on Facebook too.

But now, it's time to write about...whatever interests me. I hope it will interest you too. At least enough to get you thinking and talking, which is the natural order of things. We don't always follow the natural order of things, but it's good to be aware, in any event.

Beginning tomorrow, I will start a series of posts chronicling my latest adventure--performing in a play. Many of my friends know of my theatrical background, and a few have asked me to write on how an actor goes about preparing for a role, so that's where I'll start my new direction.

I hope you come along for the journey. And please feel free to suggest topics that you would like me to write on!


Bryan Person said...

Mark: Looking forward to your "new direction" over here! We can chat about social media any ol' day, but it will be a pleasure following your other passions on this blog.

Mark said...

Bry--it will be good to get back to my other passions! All this social media stuff (and work) can be too consuming...I struggle to find balance.

And ironically, my zodiac sign is Libra.