Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Would Brogan Do?

Like many of my fellow social media brethren (quick--would somebody look up if the word 'brethren' can also include women and let me know?), I subscribe to a number of blogs written by the rock stars of my industry, including the world-famous Chris Brogan, who is pretty much the Bono of social media.

Now, I read Chris as eagerly as I do The National Enquirer at the supermarket checkout line--which is to say that I devour his words. I do not chew slowly and savor Brogan- he's like mom's macaroni and cheese. Pleasant enough to go with any other dish or it can be the main course by itself. No matter how often you have mac and cheese, it's always good stuff.

That's Chris. The mac and cheese of social media.

So I'm reading him the other day and I come across his piece about his social media system.

Now, to give the right props, the idea for the blog wasn't his--Brogan was riffing on a piece written by John Jantsch. If Brogan is the Bono of social media, then Jantsch is The Edge.

Both of these guys were waxing eloquently about their social media system and how they read 800 blog posts every day, respond personally to 4,000 emails, create 5 killer presentations, fly to Cannes to give an address at a marketing conference, always leave a 25% tip, AND still make time to do the laundry, the dishes, make dinner and help the kids with their homework.

Every day.

They making it sound like *anyone* can be a social media rock star if they've got the right system.

System? SYSTEM?? There's a SYSTEM to this stuff? HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME THERE WAS A SYSTEM??!!!

Naturally, it got me to thinking about MY system. Heck, if they can do it, I can have my own system too! So here goes...My 40 Steps to a Social Media System

  1. roll out of bed at 7:30 am, put on the same sweats I wore yesterday (which are the same sweats I wore the day before that too)
  2. stumble 15 feet to the office to check email.
  3. read Brogan
  4. stumble to the kitchen, make coffee, eat a bowl of cereal, let the cats outside
  5. check email, read 10 more blogs, try to decide which emails can wait til later
  6. get my coffee. pour some Baileys in it. take a sip. add more Bailey's.
  7. go thru email, respond to a couple.
  8. log in to twitter.
  9. tweet
  10. tweet
  11. tweet. mulit-task--read a few more blogs.
  12. client phone meeting
  13. client phone meeting
  14. internal team meeting
  15. put a couple of items on my "to do" list. note that I still haven't done everything on yesterday's list. or the day before.
  16. check new emails that have come in response to my morning replies.
  17. update my Facebook status
  18. tweet
  19. respond to CEO's request for information
  20. add more tasks to the to-do list
  21. check traffic stats on my blog
  22. reply to client
  23. reply to client
  24. add more tasks on the to-do list
  25. tweet about what a crazy day I'm having
  26. check email--20 more items have come in since last check.
  27. sniff armpits. still haven't had a shower yet. or maybe it's the sweats.
  28. do two tasks off to-do list. whichever ones are the easiest.
  29. reply to emails
  30. weekly reports just released--time to go look at the numbers and see how I'm doing.
  31. it's lunch time! it's also 3 pm.
  32. more emails come in.
  33. bug my engineers and ask (politely) for status. casually mention that I've received 125 emails so far today just wondering when those issues will be resolved.
  34. discover that most of the issues are resolved if I would just read my email.
  35. respond to clients
  36. get another cup of coffee. damn. out of Bailey's.
  37. Tweet that I'm out of Bailey's.
  38. Knock off 4 more items from the to-do list. which generates more email.
  39. I REALLY need a shower. And to put some real clothes on.
  40. It's 7 pm. Done for the day. Time to write a blog entry!
So there you have it. There's my system. I spend 30% of my day on Twitter, 10% on Facebook, 70% in email, 25% on the phone, and 15% god knows where. 35% of my day is in research, 50% in execution, 10% in preparation, 40% wondering what I'm supposed to be doing next and 15% feeling guilty over what I didn't get done yesterday.


Chris Brogan is God. No...wait...John Jantsch is God. That makes Chris Brogan Jesus.

So when you're setting up YOUR social media system, just ask yourself--"WWBD?"

What's your social media system look like now?
(with apologies to Chris Brogan for stealing his picture and taking his name in vain. I hopes takes this in the light-hearted spirit I intended)

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